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The Worst Legacy You’ll Ever Read

Welcome everyone.  I will be starting a legacy based on the bad side of sims writers.  Get ready for the worst spelling and grammar, terrible plotlines, twilight fanfiction and obsessions with teenage pregnancy. Besides the regular legacy rules, these are extra ones I’ve added (based on Garden of Shadow’s “how to write an exchange story” list:

PS: With things like rape and cancer, I wouldn’t write about it without extensive research, but Exchangeland has a terrible fascination. I won’t make anything too graphic, but If those things bother you, I suggest skipping certain generations.  I don’t want to upset anyone.

Generation 1 rules:

Unexplained Pregnancy
Must have vampires
Inexplicable plot
Terrible spelling and grammar
Founder must marry rapist

Generation 2:
There must be a scene with ms paint special effects
There must be a mistake with simple science
Every time the word “pregnancy” appears, it must have a unique misspelling
Make sure something breaks continuity
Somebody must have get a poorly researched disease

Note: As this is the lack of continuity generation, if your line dies, feel free to
move somebody in or adopt to continue the line instead

Generation 3:

Walls down until gen 4 takes over, plumbbobs in shots whenever possible, lowest camera settings.
Heir must have seven kids, and one more pregnancy
The teens must all have angst
Ignore punctuation and grammar

Generation 4 (heir must be a boy):
There must be at least on pair of twins
You must have a wrist-cutting goth sim
Your heir must marry a pudding face (first face option) girl with as much makeup as possible
Beg for comments as much as possible

Generation 5

Removes the house’s roof and any windows
Heir/heiress has to be a stripper (put them in their underwear/nude. For every 8 hours they dance in public like that, use kaching.
There must be a teen pregnancy
There must be at least 1 set of triplets.

Generation 6

There must be at least one scene with sims eating or using the toilet in every chapter.
Incorporate Twilight (Edward, Bella, and Jacob sims, love triangle between a human, werewolf and vampire, it’s your decision.)
For every teenage girl born this generation, go into CAS and make her as skinny as possible, with the biggest breasts possible
Unexpectedly end a plotline with no explanation
Use Moveobjects on for at least 3 scenes

Generation 7

Be random
Talk to your sims
Interrupt every once in a while to explain the obvious
Photoshop your scenes for no reason
Near the end, take your sims to another time period. No need to do research, or even change the town or house.

Generation 8

Use strong language
There must be incestuous babies
Use the worst custom content you can find
Blue Sweater Girl must cameo]
Don’t worry about the whole “period piece” thing. Just change the way your sims dress.

Generation 9

A sim must be abused
Crossover time! Bonus if it’s with Harry Potter or Twilight
Take all pics from build mode
It’s medieval times! Rebuild the house, use electric lights still.
Make the house look like a poorly-done set

Generation 10 (heir must have the good trait)

Avoid any character developement (trait changing is prohibited, as are any happiness rewards that change the sim as a person)
Your heir must struggle against an evil sim (bonus if it’s an evil twin)
Use as many cliches as you can
Don’t use spellcheck
A character must be kidnapped by their spouse, making them exes
Use emo song lyrics

Where will this beautiful legacy take place? Why, in Moonlight Falls, on a lovely little plot of land named Exchangeland:

Generation 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Generation 2

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12


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